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An astro Twitter run by a Pisces, a Gemini, and a Capricorn filled with memes, polls, drag threads, advice, and all kinds of info on the basics of astrology.

Looking to kill a few hours? Check out these very funny blogs.

Exciting, interesting, crowd pleaser pic. Follow if: You want to see funny, relatable astrology content while you scroll through Instagram. Astro Poets is the OG Twitter astrologer. Aside from funny gifs and tweets about the signs as their stereotypes, Dorothea Lasky and Alex Dimitrov serve up mysterious weekly horoscopes in poem form. You will buy something orange or you should.

Listen to the voice under the couch. Dust and debris—they speak. These stories made other people.

Zoe Moon Astrology

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Supreme Court rules some lump-sum discretionary funds as legal Philippines. Bethany Keeley, a "grad student" in "rhetoric," started taking "pictures" of signs that had "unnecessary" quotation marks, such as this one and this one. She posted these pictures to her blog, The Blog of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks because she thought the pictures were funny her being a "word nerd" and all. The "end. Mary Kelly and Holly Hibner, two Detroit-area librarians, kept finding truly horrible books in their library's collection.

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  8. So, with the blessing of their library, they started scanning and uploading pictures from these books to their blog, Awful Library Books. These are some really, really stupid, pointless books. Laugh away! Memes Funny Videos Holiday Humor.

    Lukas Kaiser is a comedy writer and an associate film and television producer. The result is this funny blog, filled with hipsters out and about in their natural habitats. The latest David Sedaris book. Pictures of the beach.

    The Best Scent For Every Zodiac Sign

    These are all stuff white people like, according to this blog. If it's bad for you, why does it taste so gooooood? Continue Reading.

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